Testimonial: Senna

Hi my name is Senna Gebbink. In July 2022 I graduated from the art academy in Rotterdam. During my graduation year I started actively as a distributor at Beyuna. Now I work both as an artist and with Beyuna at the head office. Since I take care of the live streams at Beyuna and also watch the company presentations, several times a week during my work, It became increasingly clear to me after a few times that what my parents do is also something for me.

People used to asked me about what my parents did for work and I never knew how to explain it. They've been doing netwrok marketing all my life. Among other things, this meant that I was able to do the study that I wanted to do abroad and that we traveled often. I would really love to give this opportunity to everyone.

With almost any other job you don't have the opportunity to teach someone else what you do. In art too, people are often secretive about the materials or techniques they use, because imagine someone else runs off with your idea. There is a lot of competition instead of cooperation. In network marketing you are looking for people you can teach to become successful and you decide with whom you work.

Another reason why I started at Beyuna is that this way I can make the art that I want. Without having to worry too much about selling well. The art world is hard and living from your art works alone is difficult. Those worries and stress are not for me. I also like to do several things, I think that is really something of this time, that people generate multiple sources of income. By building my Beyuna business I don't have to work full-time, that gives me freedom.

I really think anyone can do this. Beyuna has already provided a lot of personal development. At first, I thought that I was too shy to do this and I was concerned with what others would think of me. There soon came a point when I was completely done with it. When you don't let yourself be led by fear, but really stand behind your own company and feel what you have to offer to others, then your business starts to grow. I now have a nice group of motivated young people together. My goal is to show young people in particular what Beyuna can do for them and to create a cozy group together. I'm really looking forward to the first youth company presentation on 17 October!