Testimonial Niels

The Beyuna College of 28 September is already behind us and we enjoyed it! Continuously developing and striving for nothing but the best makes Beyuna a wonderful company. The team behind all developments can certainly receive compliments for this. Really a company that you want to be part of!

Let me start my own 'Beyuna journey' with a quote: “You win or you learn, but you never lose.”

From an early age I have been taught to enjoy life while it is still there, and to get everything out of it get it. If there are setbacks, it is about getting up more often than falling down. As long as that dot on the horizon is there and you want it no matter what, you are going to get there. How you get there is determined by what goals you set and how persistent you are in the things you do. And if you agree on things with yourself, you know one thing for sure, you will do everything to make it.

I am now 25 years old and I have just finished my study Corporate Communication. I learned to look with models at communication and collaboration between people. But my learning curve in a few months at Beyuna is many times higher, because I am being challenged on a human level. In addition to personal contact, I find my own health and that of my family extremely important. Certainly if you know that it is not self-evident for everyone. From the time I was a child, I have had the dream of being financially independent and living in Australia. And I found out that life has a lot to offer if you are open to it. If you read a lot and look for more, there will naturally come many moments of awareness. One of those moments was the contact with Dennis in the train. I was inspired by his story and we met more often. That's how I came in contact with Beyuna's products and concept. Thanks to the products, my family has been refurbished and I have started to function better. But you will only make money when you are involved with the business and you have to do that together. For that reason I started working with my "bonus father" Jeroen and we both became Jupiter in September.

The team is now starting to get bigger and the sales are starting to grow. I want to emigrate to Melbourne in 2022 and implement the concept there. We are all over the world, that's cool. Now that I understand what Beyuna brings me, I will never stop doing this again. Beyuna, you rock!