Testimonial Max

Hi my name is Max-imilian, I turned 18 in April and started my Beyuna business as soon as I could.

Now I am building an international organization with young people to share our mission with the world. Not a day goes by for me without doing sports and reading about nutrition, supplementation, medicine and entrepreneurship. I am very excited and would like to share my story with you.

From a young age I hated school, side jobs and everything where I was told what to do. But especially school; I always found it boring, unchallenging and perhaps best described as mind-numbing. I'd rather pick a book I liked to read, or be more interested in becoming the next Roger Federer than getting a pass in math. I discovered early on that this was the way to go for me. I decided to take matters into my own hands to pursue the life of my dreams. I dreamed of a job that would give me satisfaction, that I could later say that I contributed to the world. I was therefore also looking for a service or product that I could bring to the market worldwide to sincerely help as many people as possible to live optimally. As long as I could earn enough money to provide myself and the people around me with good food and little stress I would be happy. Somewhere around that time my mother, Laura van Schelt, recovered enormously with the Beyuna products after a serious traffic accident. I also witnessed the growing success of her own business up close. Then I had this feeling 'this could be it!'. I also became very enthusiastic about Beyuna's products. I remember that time when I played tennis fanatically and suddenly my mother ran up to me in the middle of a match and gave me three capsules. Afterwards my mother turned out to have given me three powers. It was super hot and my opponent and I were both about to collapse. Only I had been on supplements and then pulled that match out! And such things kept happening. Now I knew for sure, I would also start this business, contribute to spreading knowledge and raising awareness about a healthy lifestyle, unprocessed food, the right supplements and this new way of doing business. In my opinion there are too many people who do not live the life they would like, due to lack of money and because they do not know how. However you think about money, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand that with a little extra money, you can expand your options, take better care of yourself and others, and take a lot of stress and worry away. The more money you have, the better you can help others, and that's what I mean by corporate responsibility. How fantastic it is if you can do that yourself, that you have control over your future! Just the idea that your possibilities are infinite is great!
This is what I am 100% committed to and I hope to inspire as many people as possible to do this together.

Building a beautiful, healthy and fair world where everyone can get the best out of themselves. That's my mission.