Testimonial: Martine

I am Martine Langbroek, 53 years old, and I am a specialized nurse at the heart monitoring department of the Flevoziekenhuis in Almere, The Netherlands. I across Beyuna through Ellen, she is a former colleague of mine from the heart monitor department. In what was a turbulent time for me, I received products from her. I noticed that I benefited from the products, and she told me that there was also a business involved. I then went to a presentation in Amsterdam Southeast and was captivated by Beyuna's mission and vision and the revenue model. I would really like to work less in the hospital, because working irregularly is an attack on your private life but also certainly on your health.

With Beyuna I can earn money in a different way. I am a nurse but I didn't consider myself entrepreneurial, but because of Beyuna I am experiencing great personal growth. I am becoming more and more enthusiastic and enterprising, which has already led to success in my organization. I started with Mercury position but now I am Jupiter. The products make me feel very good, I also radiate this and tell other people passionately about Beyuna in as many places as possible.

I now have five distributors in my organization. I think the entrepreneurs of Beyuna are a great group of positive people that I like to be a part of. Everyone helps each other, it feels like a warm bath.
My goal is to build a beautiful organization with fun, motivated people who also feel at home with Beyuna's business concept.

What I like about Beyuna is that you offer people the opportunity to build an independent income through a good revenue model, enabling them to make their own dreams come true. The ultimate goal is to replace my entire income and more with Beyuna.