Testimonial Josita

My name is Josita van der Does, 46 years old and I live in Kattendijke in Zeeland.

Last December I achieved the Jupiter position of which I am extremely proud. When I started Beyuna, I did not dare to make the investment required for this, I have now come here by making sales and registering new distributors.

When I was approached by Marianne to give vitamin C a try, I was quickly convinced of the quality of the products. Although I eat very consciously and as healthily and variedly as possible, I often had a cold. Of course, I now use the entire range.

I am a psychiatric nurse and I also have a small beauty salon and I am a natural food consultant.

Although I already have quite a bit of knowledge about health and nutrition, I learned a lot at Beyuna during the training sessions, streaming and all other meetings.

An enormous amount of knowledge is shared, especially in a well-understandable way so that I can transfer this to my customers. So what I am doing fully and enthusiastically!

I notice that sharing this information also gives people confidence in me and the products. For the coming period my goal is to grow my network because I also give my financial health a boost with Beyuna!