Testimonial: Carole

Growing up in French-speaking Africa, the international aspect of Beyuna immediately appealed to me!

Already 25 years ago I went to live in Sneek for an imported Frisian, which I exchanged for a real Frisian after my divorce: Nico! We have now officially been living together for 2 years, still in Sneek, after 13 years of slats. We agreed that our children would first leave the house before we took the step of living together. This status suits both of us very well: a form of peace has been found. For two years I have been able to focus more on my Beyuna business.

Before I met Beyuna, I had been self-employed for 15 years. I had a successful wholesale business of French artisan soaps. I worked closely with various social workshops. About 30 people with disabilities contributed to the final product. I delivered these items to the nicer gift shops throughout The Netherlands, and I attended various fairs. Two years before the crisis I had a beautiful website built with a webshop. I had to maintain this myself and that caused me a lot of stress. It was a huge investment: something with 3 figures. At one of my last trade fairs, someone walked into my booth with an iPad. He made a recording of the items, I had put my heart and soul into. He walked away without placing an order and 3 months later the "inanimate" counterfeiters were at the Action for a few cents. It was time for a new business.

5.5 years ago, I started with Beyuna. We first met Paul and Hans-Peter in Joure, at the kitchen table. After the opportunity meeting, Nico and I knew we would tackle this business. Starting an international company for a relatively low price, without traditional headaches, with a fully hosted website with a shop filled with preventive health products. The possibility to build up an inherited income/pension. Honest and natural products that we could offer everyone around us with a good revenue model. Nico and I both started separately, but with the highest discount position. I can still remember the moment when UPS delivered our first order. It was only 5 large package and I thought I had to empty the garage. In the worst case we had products that would make us very healthy.

Over the pas 5.5 years I have learned a lot from Beyuna about differences in supplementation, which you can pay attention to. I can now pass that on to others. A whole new world has opened for me: I didn't use any vitamins before, I thought I ate healthy. Now I use the entire range every day. My mottos is therefore: "there is a difference between feeling good and feeling better". In these 5.5 years we have managed to set up a solid organization: 88 users in the Friesland area! I am genuinely proud of that. I found 9 people willing to actively implement our business formula. Last year I was able to experience the benefits of this. I couldn't work for a certain period, but the rest of my organization was. So, my income continued. I really give that to everyone. I also like that I can watch from the sidelines how someone improves from the products, but also to see the personal development of various people.

Through Beyuna I got to know nice people, made new friends, also with people outside my own team. How valuable is that? We spar with each other, so that we help each other again. What I want to achieve with Beyuna? I want to add at least one nice new business partner to my organization every year. Someone who, like me, wants to build his own solid organization. Continuing this path: addressing more people, offering this business to see even more people improve in various areas. In any case, making people more aware is also what I want to achieve. I often read: buy locally! Beyuna is local: 100% Dutch, there is no more local than that! Everything you buy in the store when it comes to vitamins is financed by big investors who have completely different interests. Too many people are not aware of this and that may change! And I will contribute to that.