The goal to be a world-class player in high-quality supplements

In this story, we explain the background of Beyuna, a fast-growing Dutch company that develops superior nutritional supplements using scientifically proven ingredients. Beyuna is an organization that contributes to healthy living and well-being based on its own ideas and values combined with high-quality products.

Position in the fast-growing health and wellness market

The wellness industry and health market are the fastest growing markets in the world. We are now much more concerned with our health compared to 10 years ago. Smoking has declined dramatically and consumers are increasingly using ecological products and additional supplements. People with a healthy lifestyle are more productive and less often sick. Being healthy means that you are able to function in a state of physical and mental well-being for yourself and society.

The founders of Beyuna, Paul Gebbink and Lucas IJsbrandy, have been collaborating since 1987. From his background as a physiotherapist, Paul Gebbink already had considerable interest in supplements. His practice was attended by many top athletes with questions about nutrition and supplements. Since that time, Paul has been fully focused on developing supplements from natural ingredients.

Start-up of a Dutch network marketing company

The intensive collaboration between Paul and Lucas continued and a plan was developed to start a Dutch network marketing company with high-quality food supplements. The goal was to find the best ingredients for products that will deliver real individual health benefits for all consumers. Beyuna was founded based on a clear philosophy.

The Beyuna concept

Beyuna intends with its concept to inspire people on a global scale to make an important contribution to the well-being and health of themselves and others in a socially and economically responsible way and through the use of proper products and services.

Our mission has a clear goal

Our mission has a clear goal. We want to improve the well-being of people by developing products that actually contribute to healthy living and a financially autonomous life. The name Beyuna is derived from Yuna, which means ‘powerful’ in Japanese. This is also our goal. We want you to be powerful by vigorously working towards a healthy life based on people managing their own lives, energy, and responsibilities.